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Seagull 4A: welcome to the tlr world!

This budget friendly tlr is the only thing you need to enter the 120 world

The twins lens reflex cameras (tlr) are undoubtedly cameras of the past, but still of great charm and rediscovered use. The possibility of having the quality of the medium format with a contained weight and dimensions made them popular around the middle of the last century. These qualities are still appreciated by photographers today, so much so that we are witnessing a real renaissance of TLRs. As evidence of this, we find a general increase in prices, with several Rolleiflex models now unapproachable.

FUJIFILM GA645: more than a 120 point and shoot

Often called - wrongly - a portrait machine, this is an ideal companion for travel and excursions

We usually associate medium format with the word “professional”. This equation is historically accurate: the 135 format was reserved for amateurs and photojournalists, with surprising overlaps between these two categories. The point & shoots then were totally a consumer product dedicated to enthusiasts, but not too advanced. So seeing a point & shoot in 645 format, with the word “professional” on it, creates a bit of an oxymoron. Is it possible to make these different souls coexist?

CONTAX TVS: a little zoom in a luxury case

A camera with a few too many limits, but belonging to a category where the air becomes thin.

The 90s were undoubtedly the golden age of point & shoots. Innovations in the optical field, as the introduction of AF and the help of electronics, have helped to create iconic camera bodies even today. Among them, there is certainly the Contax TVS. The German-Japanese brand took full advantage of this trend, producing many popular models such as the T2 and, indeed, the TVS. With the advent of digital, these camera bodies were among the first to disappear, as they were intended for those rich amateurs, who went digital before professionals.

How to achieve the highest dinamic range - digital edition

Unload the full power of your digital camera's sensor with this easy method!

Digital cameras have significantly improved in dynamic range, and they can now rival the latest films in many situations. Unfortunately, one of the intrinsic limitations of the Foveon means that it suffers particularly in high contrast situations. Despite this, from this small inconvenience, I have drawn some lessons that can be useful with all digital cameras. Putting these small steps to good use will make it very easy to “squeeze” the sensor to its maximum.

KONICA HEXAR AF: the best point and shoot ever?

The Konica Hexar combines everything one can look for in a point & shoot: image quality, innovative design and speed of use.

Point and shoot are always a polarizing topic among photographers. It is often difficult to define a hierarchy of their essential attributes. Someone will prefer compactness, while for someone else the design will be decisive, for others, finally, the image quality will be fundamental. Within the category, we can find two extremes: ultra-compact cameras, for example, the excellent Minox, and super-luxury point & shoot cameras. Among the latter, we will conveniently place the various Contax T, Nikon 35, and Rollei 35, machines capable of rivaling in quality and style with the best SLRs of their time.