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Contax 645 80mm Planar f2 on GFX with Fringer adapter

How this combination can become a viable replacement for the Fujifilm 80mm.

The Contax 645 80mm Planar is a legendary lens that needs no introduction. This lens alone is enough to justify the purchase of a Contax kit and is still used today by countless wedding guests. It is probably one of the most popular medium format lenses ever and one of the latest and most advanced to be produced. However, today shooting only in film can be challenging, especially in terms of costs.

CONTAX TVS Digital: shooting with a 2002 digital camera

Can a 2002 luxury compact digital camera still be effective almost 20 years later?

If analog photography in 2021 may seem prehistoric to some, the technology in 2002 was decidedly antediluvian compared to the one we use today. Digital sensors were already rapidly establishing themselves, the previous year the Nikon D1x was released, the first authentic DSLR designed for a large market. At the same time, however, the iPhone was still 5 years away, the most popular social network was Friendster and Wall-Mart was the biggest company in the world.

Contax G 35mm Planar: an undeserved bad reputation

How a real summicron killer became the ugly duckling of the G series

The G series of rangefinder camera lenses created by Carl Zeiss in the 1990s is universally considered one of the best creations of the turn of the century, an absolute swan song for film. However, among so many lenses acclaimed by the public and critics like the 45mm Planar, there has always been a caveat. The 35mm, introduced later for the updated Contax G1 green label, was immediately judged too soft and inferior to the rest of the kit.