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Contax G 28mm f 2.8 Biogon

An unsung workhorse finally gets its song

Some heroes are celebrated more than others. They gradually enter the legends and remain etched in the collective imagination. Much the same happens with lenses. However, there are also some equally deserving people who for one reason or another never rise to the status of legends. Not that they’re much worse, but they’re just not flashy enough to make headlines. Also in this case there is a parallelism in photography. The Contax G 28mm Biogon is exactly that: a great performer, who is never talked about well enough.

Contax Hologon 16mm - History and black and white samples

An introduction to a truly unique, costly, and particularly rare lens

There are things in life that are rarely done, and graduating is for sure one of them. A few weeks ago, the inevitable happened to me too, thus concluding my academic career. Just in those days, my trusted dealer listed a 16mm Hologon, the widest lens ever made for Contax G. Like most 16mm, it is not something one ever really needs. At the same time, it seemed like a curious coincidence, and I was looking for a small gift to buy myself: in other words, I could not resist.

CONTAX TVS: a little zoom in a luxury case

A camera with a few too many limits, but belonging to a category where the air becomes thin.

The 90s were undoubtedly the golden age of point & shoots. Innovations in the optical field, as the introduction of AF and the help of electronics, have helped to create iconic camera bodies even today. Among them, there is certainly the Contax TVS. The German-Japanese brand took full advantage of this trend, producing many popular models such as the T2 and, indeed, the TVS. With the advent of digital, these camera bodies were among the first to disappear, as they were intended for those rich amateurs, who went digital before professionals.