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Damien Hirst: Natural History

An exhibition that summarizes Hirst's most famous works, capable of unsettling the spectator even after almost 30 years.

When I speak of Damien Hirst to someone who does not know him, the first approximation I can formulate is “that one with the shark in formalin”. Reducing the career of one of the greatest living British artists to that is probably ungenerous, but the approximation often works. The shark immobilized inside the chemical bath has become an iconic image of contemporary art. I have always found the image in question to be extremely powerful.

Kodak GOLD 200 120, did we need it?

While every new film is good news, the question arises: is it a good idea?

News of a new film should be good news in itself. I use the conditional as today’s announcement by Kodak to market the Gold 200 in 120 format leaves me at most tepid. We have come from difficult years for analog photography, with many beloved films being discontinued. Let’s think, for example, of the Fuji 400H which, with its disappearance, has thrown into a panic wedding practitioners all over the world.

Can a Contax TVS Digital be your only point & shoot?

One year later, I stopped buying 35mm point and shoot and stick with this Contax.

The first time I wrote about Contax TVS Digital was over a year ago. The discovery of this little digital camera was surprising to me. Not only does the technology of 20 years ago seem absurdly old, but above all useless. When I picked it up, I did it with an almost archaeological spirit, as if to reconstruct the functioning of a now-forgotten object. In fact, over time I realized that it is something much more: it works, and takes beautiful photos!

A great start for 2022

Our darkroom is finally open for business!

If this article leaves you a bit confused it is because it is slightly different from the rest of this site. Despite the word “blog”, I have tried more or less carefully to not talk too much about myself inside. Not that the topic may not be interesting, but because it is something I already indulge in too often. So I would like to talk about what we have been doing with a dear friend of mine.

Contax 645 80mm Planar f2 on GFX with Fringer adapter

How this combination can become a viable replacement for the Fujifilm 80mm.

The Contax 645 80mm Planar is a legendary lens that needs no introduction. This lens alone is enough to justify the purchase of a Contax kit and is still used today by countless wedding guests. It is probably one of the most popular medium format lenses ever and one of the latest and most advanced to be produced. However, today shooting only in film can be challenging, especially in terms of costs.